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Are you wondering why you are not getting ahead with your side hustle?

Maybe it is because you are following the wrong people.

Here is a good example.

The other day I saw a post/blog on Twitter that basically said, "Social media is a lifestyle. You need to post at least five times per week and like and comment on others' postings every day."

Okayyy... Anything new about that?

Of course, I was surprised. In my opinion, in 2019, no Twitter user needed to learn these insights; all of this was common knowledge.

This particular blogger/tweeter, let's call him John Doe, had a quite impressive profile:
a blue verified badge, all kinds of accolades, like "named a top influencer on..."approximately 250K followers, a personal blog, and John Doe is also a contributor at a noted online publication. So, I read John Doe's blog. It explained that social media users should:

1. Post useful, creative content
2. Cross-promote their brand
3. Engage with their followers
4. Add hashtags, and
5. Post only quality photos

John Doe's blog did no…

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