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So, you'd like to have a VanGogh or a Degas hanging on your walls?

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To see the list of the most valuable paintings in private hands please click this link to TheArtWolf 's website...

... Yes, indeed, a lot of cool paintings are already taken.

Personally I faced an even worse situation - I'd like to have Gustav Klimt's beautiful painting "The Kiss" hanging in my bedroom. ... Of course... What else would look good? .... Is there any better motif?

That is a worse situation, because, never mind that I don't have 100 million dollars to spend on art, additionally this piece is owned by the museum Belvedere in Vienna, Austria. While, in theory, there might be some discussion with a private owner, the Belvedere is never going to give it up "The Kiss". In other words, no individual person, not even the world's richest millionaire, will ever own the original painting...
Neither will I. 

As one of the foremost experts in "using determination as a tool" I have found a close to perfect solution how to make it happen... how to get Klimt's "the Kiss" hanging on my bedroom walls. 

Here are the facts to consider:
  • In museums, famous paintings are always displayed in big, wide frames, which can be expensive
  • Therefore, first visit a "cheap" furniture store and check out "ugly artwork in big, beautiful frames"
  • Buy your favorite frame, never mind how disgusting the "not-artwork" is (pls see an example below). 
  • You'll be surprised to find out that really nice frames [24"x36"] cost only between $28-$49
  • Then, buy a poster of the artwork you like, in the size of the frame [if need be, check on the world wide web]. Costs for the poster will be between $14.99 - $89.99.
  • Take a box cutter and carefully open the back of the frame [Most likely you'll find that the "ugly artwork" has been painted straight onto a cardboard panel, which serves as paining + back panel at the same time.]
  • Put your poster into the frame.
  • Flip the "ugly artwork" around so it does not show through your poster and seal both by using blue painter's tape [this will allow you to "exchange old masters" as needed]
  • Enjoy the art on your wall and be happy that you don't have to insure it

For more ways to get what you want with "Naked Determination" please read the award-winning book by the same title.

All it takes is #determination. Gisela Hausmann, life skills expert
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getting a #dream #house ... for real...

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If you live in America, occasionally you may have heard some people say that everybody, including you, can live the "life of their dreams", in their dream house. All it takes is following a certain program.
[Other people call these claims self-help scams.]

Typically, the dream house these people are talking about will be around 5,000 sf, have 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and the usual, plus more. The kitchen's main attraction would be a gourmet kitchen refrigerator, big enough to hide not one but two bodies...

Unfortunately I have an issue with this concept:

I don't need a walk-in refrigerator, because I don't want to hide any bodies, plus:
I'd rather own a smaller refrigerator because I can't stand it if I overlook foods in the back of the unit.

Here is what I was looking for in a dream house:
  • ~1,000 sf cozy house in a fairytale setting, away from the hustle and bustle of traffic but close to a real city, with a culture scene and arts/museums
  • a big living room, which could also be used for business meetings, ideally with a fireplace
  • an office, which could also serve as a guest bedroom, for when my children visit
  • a calm and serene bedroom, decorated in grand old Hollywood style (50s/60s era)
  • a pretty and functional bathroom
  • a kitchen, which is a true "center of the house" and gathering space for family and friends

I got all of that with the exception of one item.
How did I accomplish?- With DETERMINATION!

Here is what others have to say about determination:

I ran and ran and ran every day, and I acquired this sense of DETERMINATION, this sense of spirit that I would never, never give up, no matter what else happened.
Wilma Rudolph

A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, DETERMINATION and hard work.
Colin Powell

America was not built on fear. America was built on courage, on imagination and an unbeatable DETERMINATION to do the job at hand.
Harry S. Truman
While I am not as famous as the above, I am an expert  on determination, specifically on 'naked determination'. 14 years ago my husband died an unexpected, terrible death. At the time, I was living in the United States, alone with my two young children. Yes, that's right - I was alone, all my relatives lived in Europe. Additionally, I did not have a job, my immigration had not been finalized, and I had no idea, how I was supposed to pay for ... everything.

Here I am, fourteen years later... How did I do it?

I succeeded with 'naked determination', the determination Wilma Rudolph, Colin Powell, and Harry Truman were talking about.

In 2012 I even revealed and published my 41 tricks in my award-winning book "Naked Determination, 41 Stories About Overcoming Fear".

All it takes is #determination. Gisela Hausmann, life skills expert
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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

How many of the 10 components of DETERMINATION do you already own?

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award-winning and best-selling author


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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Writing Process Blog Chain Hop – Four Questions, Four Answers

Many thanks to Sherry Molteni for tagging me in this blog chain hop on March 24.

S. A. Molteni was born in Providence, Rhode Island into a career military family. Until the age of nine, the author and her family moved many times along the eastern United States from duty station to duty station. The author found solace in reading during the many childhood moves and wrote her first short story for English class at the young age of six while living in Lakehurst, New Jersey. This would be the last location where her father worked before retiring from the U.S. Navy and settling the family in North Florida in the mid 1970's.

The love of reading and a talent for fantastical short story writing since childhood has played an important role in the author's life. However, the need for a steady income trumped the desire to become an author early on in life and led to a career in the Information Technology sector.

After over 30 years in the IT industry, S.A. Molteni is now a retired systems engineer.

She is currently a hobby farmer, avid traveler and an author of several award-winning short stories. She lives on a small homestead with her husband of over 15 years and a menagerie of farm animals.

S. A. Molteni is the author of three stories; Her Name was Half Calf, Fade to Gray, and A Special Bull. Her books are available on Amazon.

S. A. Molteni's Blog
S. A. Molteni on Facebook
S. A. Molteni on Twitter

Now here are my own 4 answers to the 4 questions posed: 

1.    What am I working on?
Probably the most rewarding experience about publishing my 41 stories about “naked determination”, was that so many people wrote me how they could relate to them. For instance, one Amazon reviewer wrote: “I was amused by Hausmann's story about "the Casablanca Principle" ..."We'll always have Paris." … I was amused because after I broke up with a girlfriend with whom I had travelled a bit in the U.S., she liked to say with a smile, recalling the Bogart line, "We'll always have Colby, Kansas" (where we stayed one night).”
I thought it was amazing how many people had lived through similar experiences. If they did not take place in locations, where I had been, they happened  in other location where I had never visited, like Colby, KS. Thus, I want to continue with the publication of stories. However, while the next book will be “naked” too, it won’t be about “determination”. 

2.    How does my work differ from others of its genre?
It appears that today’s every changing situation demands more of us. Getting the right job, keeping our relationships healthy, and tackling life in general has become more difficult due to the onslaught of information and distraction. On the other hand, finding out about new life skills or just receiving assurance should not be another difficult task. We already have too many of those. That’s why I wrote a funny life skills book, which shows these pivotal approaches packaged into funny stories. 

3.    Why do I write what I do?
I want to help others. What better way than with funny stories?

This is the century of communication, of sharing valuable information and all of us can learn from each other. 

4.    How does my writing process work?
The list of eternal principles, which help us to be more successful, is well-known. What is new about my work is that I combined them with all funny and fitting stories, so readers can laugh while reminding themselves. 

I’m now passing the Writing Process Blog Hop to the next three writers. Check their blogs next week to read their answers to the Four Writing Process Questions.

Skye Hegyes

Skye Hegyes was born Skye Hoffman in Heidelberg, Germany. In 2010, she graduated with her Associates in Applied Science in Lasers and Photonics as well as a Certificate in Electronics. She married her high school sweetheart in January 2013 and currently lives in North Carolina with her husband, two daughters, and two birds as well as a house full of dragons and wolves. When not working or writing, Skye spends her free time wrestling children or failing miserably at video games—mainly Borderlands 2..

Skye's books can be purchased on Amazon.




Amanda Lyons

A longtime fan of horror and fantasy Ms. Lyons writes character driven novels that while influenced by her darker interests, can also be heavily laced with fantasy, romance, history and magic. Amanda M. Lyons has lived her whole life in rural Ohio where she lives with her fiance and two children. Eyes Like Blue Fire is her first novel.Wendy Won't Go, a novelette came out from J. Ellington Ashton Press in December and she's currently at work on Apocrypha a short horror collection with Robert Edward Lyons II. Another collaborative project currently titled Feral Hearts with authors Catt Dahman, Mark Woods, Jim Goforth, Edward P. Cardillo, Michael Fisher is forthcoming in 2014.
Amanda is also an editor with J Ellington Ashton Press.

Amanda Lyon's books can be purchased on Amazon.



Zelmer Wilson

I was born in Fort Collins, Colorado. Both of my parents were in the Air Force at that time and lived in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  My family, which consisted of my father, mother, and older sister, moved to Fort Smith, Arkansas in 1978. I remember the day that we moved into our house and it is my earliest memory.  When I was six years old and while I was attending the first grade at Cook Elementary School, my parents separated and then divorced.  I didn't do too well in the first grade because of this and even though I could have passed and go onto the second grade, I was held back, because my father insisted on it. The next year, I quickly picked up everything that I had missed the first time and then became bored. I then started reading, checking out books from the library, to deal with the boredom that I felt as I went through the first grade a second time. Then in June of 1986, I moved to Phoenix, Arizona with my father and stepmother, my father had remarried two years after he left my mother. I become more of a bookworm, going to an used bookstore that wasn't far from where I lived. I read a lot of westerns at first and then around the age of fourteen, started reading science-fiction. I wrote my first story when I was fifteen years while visiting my mother and sisters in Birmingham, Alabama in the summer of 1990. I attempted to write a novel a few times after that, but never got beyond the planning stage. Then when I was twenty-two years old, I read Henry Miller's Tropic of Cancer and it taught me that I could use my own life as the basis and inspiration for my writing. I finished writing my first novel in August of 2001, when I was twenty-six years old.  I tried to get it published, but failed and lost it a few years later. I didn't give up, though and continued to write. 

Zelmer Wilson's books can be purchased on Amazon.





Monday, March 10, 2014

the 10 components of DETERMINATION

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