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Saturday, November 24, 2018

Amazon Authors' and Product Vendors' HUGE 2-Second Mistake

"Like the reviews your book(s) and products receive!"

(1) Good manners rule

It is kind of impolite - for authors and product vendors - expecting, asking for, and even pleading for reviews but not to like ("find helpful") the reviews they receive. The least an author or product vendor can do is to acknowledge reviewers' efforts by making a two seconds effort and like the reviews.

When, in the past, I mentioned this fact in an author group one author replied, "I had no idea that I should do that."

Another one mentioned that she thought that Amazon forbids author to "like" reviews of their own books.

Well, what's there to say? ... I have been publishing this tip since 2015. People need to listen to experts who actually "do the task."

In its community guidelines, Amazon explicitly forbids making “calls to action” and “posting from multiple accounts or coordinating with others.”

Which means that, no, you absolutely cannot ask family members and friends to "up-vote" certain reviews but you yourself can "find them helpful." At least I myself have "found helpful" all reviews of all my books, without any problems.


(2) It's about optics, too

Reviews that haven’t even been liked at least once make it obvious that the author or product vendor isn’t exposing their goods to too many potential buyers; otherwise somebody else might have liked the review.


(3) Lastly, reviewers might delete their review(s)

If nobody "finds helpful" a reviewer's review on Amazon this review hurts the  reviewer's rank - marginally. (And - margins add up.)

A reviewer's rank is not so much influenced by the number of reviews they write but by the quality of the reviews ("how many readers found the review helpful").

Hence if reviewers write too many reviews nobody "finds helpful" their rank gets worse.

Which implies that reviewers might elect to delete the one or other review. Even though they invested time in writing the review they can improve their rank by deleting reviews that did not receive a single "like."

When I myself deleted reviews that had not received a single "helpful" vote in over a year, my "approval ranking" rose from 88% to 92%.

Obviously, it makes no sense to keep "unnoticed" reviews. Reviewers don't know if the authors or product vendors stopped promoting, gave up on writing or selling, moved to a foreign country, etc... all the while their reviewer rank is getting hurt.


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