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Friday, July 21, 2017

What authors can learn from car salesmen

  1. "This car could really use a new owner."
  2. "I am in desperate need of a buyer for this car."
  3. "I know that you drive a Honda, so I thought you might like to buy my Honda."

Can you imagine a car sales man saying any of these things? 

Probably not.

Therefore, avoid phrases like
  1. "My book could really use a more reviews."
  2. "I am in desperate need of reviews for my book."
  3. "I know that you read (book title), so I thought you might like to read my book which is similar. 

 Car salesmen say things like,
  1.  "... 6-time 24 Hours of Le Mans winner Jacky Ickx described the Audi R8 as "the best handling road car today"
  2.  "... This Ford Mustang's design characteristics include a fastback profile and a lower-set grille..." 
  3.  "... This 1967 Thunderbird Apollo's features include writing tables (for rear seats) and rear seat reading lamps..."

Be as specific as car salesmen are.  

What are your book's best "features?"

Please comment in the comment section. 

Think like a car salesman before you post!

Feel free to mention your book title. 
Please do not post a link because if blog readers do that I have to delete the blog.- I write #NakedBooks; hence you can believe that I do what I say. 


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