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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

"Starting a romance" and "writing great emails" have a lot in common (#humor)


Probably not surprisingly, as an email evangelist 
I think about"writing best emails" all day long  
(no pun intended).
And, that's how I noticed:


The similarities don't end there. 

Here are four more: 





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  1. I like these comparisons and how tos! Especially the "I want" and "I need" things . . . it seems like I'm always emailing people to ask for favors of some type, but now I'll pay closer attention to how I phrase things.

  2. Simply put, know something about the other person in the conversation or relationship. Other than, "I see that you are a reviewer." Show interest in the other person, and be specific with your curiosity. One of the most productive openings I ever had was when I asked a woman, "What is your profession?" Turned out she was a waitress, but the other women at the conference were incredibly impressed by such an act and we worked very well together for days, until the conference ended.

    1. What a cool story. @Charles. The women at the conference might have been impressed with the waitress' confidence too. These days, too many people are trying to portray themselves as thought leaders, top influencers and alike. Usually, their email writing skills give away if they really are what they call themselves.