Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Jobs, The Butler, Diana, and "Rush"

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It began harmless.

I went to the movies to see "Jobs - The Film"...

... to find out how good Ashton Kutcher would portray the man, who was famous for turning around and saying "but there's one more thing". While I am no fan of Ashton Kutcher I deeply believe that people try and quite often succeed to rise to the occasion when given an awesome opportunity. 

So, I bought my ticket and entered the actual theater. 

Though I could not see the screen yet I could hear the previews running.

I walked up the ramp leading to the screen. 

As the big screen got visible I stopped walking. 

I had never experienced anything like this "thing".

On the screen was a man I used to know, personally. I did not know him too well, but I had met him on three occasions. One time we had sat together at a late night dinner with a few mutual friends, for over an hour. While everybody else had had some kind of Italian pasta, he had eaten only blackberries, no whipped cream, no powdered sugar.  

It was the 3-time Austrian Formula 1 world champion Niki Lauda.

Niki Lauda is a legend in his own ranks (just like Steve Jobs). In 1976, during an accident at Nürburgring, Niki's head and hands got burned in a fire, 800+ degrees hot. Not only did Niki make it, 6 weeks later he was driving again. A year later he became world champion again. 

I had met Niki first in 1984, just briefly, at one of the parties in celebration of his 3rd champion title. Two years later, at the mentioned dinner I had found it fascinating that everything he said, seemed to lead to a goal. Every question Niki asked was result driven. He never even laughed once, during the entire dinner.

Here is the trailer

In the trailer is a scene, in which actor Daniel Brühl, who plays Lauda, says: "To be champion it takes more than just being quick. You have to really believe it." 

I can say with 100% certainty, it is a perfect portrayal of the Niki Lauda I knew. 

As life goes, I began spending most of my time in the United States before Niki's airline started flying to Australia, but ever since the dinner I knew that he could do it.  

Considering the raging debates whether the movies "Jobs", "The Butler", and the upcoming movie "Diana" portray their respective characters accurately, it is an interesting feeling that at least of one movie I will know for sure.   
But there is one more thing: 
Will "Rush" cause that feeling in all of us? 


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Friday, August 23, 2013

How do you pursue "happiness"?

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Chances are you have seen this scene before...

It is from the movie "Pursuit of Happiness", telling the true story of Chris Gardner. Of course, all of us know that money can't buy happiness, but reaching your goal makes happy.

Have you ever been in the situation, that you had to pull off the impossible, and absolutely everything seemed to be stacked against you?

The film gives the answer on how to reach the goal:

  • Work (even if it involves running - ahem)
  • Determination (which includes to never give up) and
  • Wit (it is the sweetest way to show that you are smart)

When you first watched that scene, at the movies, in 2001, you probably fevered with Chris, hoped that he would make it, and when he did you felt exhilarated. 

After you left the movie theater you were wondering how he really did it.    

These days, all of us face problems, maybe not as bad as Gardner's, but we do encounter problems in our pursuit of happiness.

I know how that feels. Over the course of my life, more problems have found me that I bargained for. That started with the unexpected death of my husband. Not only did I become the sole parent but also the sole breadwinner, handy-man, shuttle service to school functions... and, I did not have a single relative in the entire U.S., who could help (other than my children).

Overcoming these enormous obstacles I have learned one thing: The best way to figure out what to do is to learn from people, who have done whatever it is you have to do. (ebooks are typically under $ 5.00 and videos on YouTube are free). 

Even though self-help is still very much en-vogue, it actually had its best days much earlier, when not too many biographies from self-made problem solvers were published. Most of us are too stressed to go through 12 steps programs, which leads to that we may delay or abandon the program. 

Life writes the most inspirational stories. Quite often it may be much more efficient to read a biography, read, how a real person solved his/her issues in real life!

Happy Getting Inspired!


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Friday, August 16, 2013

Which visualization of Determination do you like best?

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A great picture should say more than 1000 words. Pondering over how to visualize Determination I eventually picked the view between the pilings of the Johnny Mercer Pier at Wrightsville Beach, NC. I felt that the pier’s structure could represent the frame works of our lives: partners, education, employments, credit lines, insurances, etc… (there were even unwanted particles of ‘issues’  growing on these anchors)

Using such pillars for support and protection we are trying to reach our goals.

However, our goals are not at the end of a tunnel. This frame work has gaps. Waves out of the big unknown called ‘life’ are trying to sideswipe us.

When trying to pick the "perfect picture" it became to me that there was no perfect choice. Your path can never be the same as mine nor your best friend’s. 
Some of us get bothered by never ending ripples of waves and some us have to face only one or two bigger ‘hurdle’ waves. Again others would be happy to know that only one enormous ‘hardship’ wave is in their way, and calm waters are waiting for those who get through. For some of us the path to our goals seems endless and others might get challenged by a barrage of waves right at the beginning of their roads in life.

Following are the visualizations, which spoke to me with more than 1000 words. I hope you will find yours. 

Inviting you to reply/post, which picture shows YOUR path:

1 - wave after wave keeps on building up 
2 - a seemingly endless path
3 -  really nasty breakers are in the way

4 - the path seems to get longer
5 - if it weren't for that one wave...
6 - this wave will sideswipe anybody
7 - rough beginnings
8 - this wave might feel like a tsunami
The wave I chose for my title is not photoshopped. 
It was taken on the day Hurricane Sandy bypassed to the East of Wrightsville Beach. The storm caused this interesting sunset with an almost ominous glow.    

Which one is YOUR wave?

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