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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Re: Indie Authors Sending out Kindle Gift Copies to Foreign Reviewers

As mentioned in my blog "Does it Appear as if Amazon Discriminates Against an Indie Author?", in the past, I never sent .pdf or .mobi files to book reviewers, pre-publication reviewers, or the media.

Instead, I always sent either ARCs (proof copies) or I gifted Kindle books via Amazon.

Personally, I feel that that's the professional way to go. Anybody who considers posting an early review or featuring my book in their publication deserves to receive "a real book."

I also have a long standing tradition to introduce my books during Facebook parties.

At these occasions, I always ran a few contests and raffled off up to 5 books - ARC copies to US winners and Kindle gift copies to winners living outside the US.

Unfortunately, it seems gifting Kindle copies is no longer possible.

Last week, the winners of Kindle copies who live in the UK and in Croatia, were unable to redeem these copies; I am still waiting for an update from a winner of a Kindle copy who lives in Canada.

An inquiry with Amazon led to the following response:

"... we can't redeem the book directly from one marketplace to another..."

Amazon reimbursed me for the copies; they did not elaborate why what used to work for years is not possible any longer.

Hence, authors who also

  • send out early reader Kindle copies
  • gift Kindle copies to winners in foreign countries 

are encouraged to contact Amazon if recipients in foreign countries will be able to redeem these Kindle books and to reconsider all options.

UPDATE: 2/10/2018 - Unfortunately, this very practical option - to send ebook gift copies to journalists, book bloggers, and early book reviewers is no longer an option.


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