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Saturday, February 25, 2017

The time to get read is NOW – Students, are you looking for an internship?

In South Carolina the trees are starting to flower, Spring is on its way.

Soon, students will think about: learning for standardized tests, researching and visiting colleges; and, seniors will be filling out college admissions applications and financial aid forms. Parents will advise and guide them and hope that their child will make best decisions for a successful career, which will also make them happy.

There are two more actions that will have a major impact on students' success; luckily, they are relatively easy to do.

1) Set up a Linkedin profile 

Opposite to setting up other social media profiles, creating a Linkedin profile will take some time. Also, if possible, students should try to get recommendations, which again will take time. Having a Linkedin profile demonstrates a professional attitude; additionally, the profile can serve as an extended resume.

2) Learn how to write effective emails with personal appeal

Never mind how popular texting is among teenagers, nobody can text their way to a job. Since unfortunately, email writing skills are not taught in most schools, and not even in most colleges, learning how to write effective emails with personal appeal will help any student get noticed. Here is why.

Students will need to write emails to apply for internships (and jobs) 

Studies show that 7 out of 10 internships turn into full-time employment. Internships are the fastest way to college credits, work experience, and making money.  Plus, internships are cool. Even Malia Obama interned last summer on the set of HBO’s “Girls.”

Excellent planners may be able to shortcut their way to earnings

Students who plan ahead and make contacts on Linkedin, for instance in Linkedin groups, will be able to contact influencers directly, via email. This may enable them to get their foot through the door of a company before a certain position is even advertised.

Eventually, everyone who works in an office needs to write emails

A 2014 survey about the role of digital technology in online adults' work lives by Pew Research showed that the target group, online adults who also have full- or part-time jobs in any capacity, considered email their most important tool.

This skill is even more important if a student wants to start his/her own business or a start-up for additional income.

One-in-ten U.S. workers is self-employed and this number may be rising very quickly. Millennials are embracing entrepreneurism. Then again, three -in-four of all self-employed workers don't have any employees. That implies that they personally handle all business tasks, including writing business and marketing emails.

The need for best communication skills won't go away

If we have learned anything over the last decade then it is that we don't know what is going to happen. The two things we do know is that the need for best communication skills as well as for expressing who we are and what we represent won't go away.

Students, who set up their Linkedin profile and work on their email writing skills right now, may be able to score an internship for summer 2017.

The time to act is now.


Gisela Hausmann is an award-winning email evangelist, the winner of the 2016 Sparky Award "Best Subject Line,"  and the author of "NAKED TEXT: Email Writing Skills for Teenagers" and "NAKED WORDS 2.0 The Effective 157-Word Email."

Her work has been featured in the SUCCESS magazine, in Entrepreneur, on Bloomberg (podcast), on NBCNews, and other publications.

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© 2017 by Gisela Hausmann 

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