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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

1 Simple Trick That Leads to More Reviews & SALES!!! (there are 6 more tricks that help even more)

1.    It is nothing new that today reviews influence potential buyers’ decisions to actually buy, or – not.
2.    8 out of 10 shoppers consult online reviews before they buy.
3.    90% of potential buyers won’t buy a product that has been reviewed with an average of less than 3 stars.
4.    In other words, businesses whose products receive lots of great reviews sell lots of goods.
5.    This explains why Amazon and other eCommerce sites have been plagued with fake review issues. (Unfortunately, some organizations like to cheat.)
My interview with Bloomberg about this topic: please listen to the podcast (~30 minutes).


Tip #1 (video)


Gisela Hausmann is an Amazon top reviewer and eCommerce expert. She is also the author of  “NAKED TRUTHS About Getting Book Reviews” and NAKED TRUTHS About Getting Product Reviews on 7 Tips to Boost Sales.

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