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Friday, November 4, 2016

How to Double up or Triple up on Your Book Promotion

by Gisela Hausmann, author of the “naked, no-fluff marketing books”

Creating a successful book promotion is not easy, but there are ways how authors can double up or even triple up on promotions. Success attracts success.

Here are the simple facts:

If you want to write a bestseller, you’ll need to sell thousands of books to get the momentum which will prompt all eCommerce bookstores to feature your book in a top position where “everybody” can see it. It is almost impossible to achieve that just by collaborating with social media friends.
Here are the well-tested ways of promotion. You can

  • buy ads/promotions  - - - [can be costly depending on the service]
  • network on social media platforms  - - - [free, but time consuming]
  • get on TV (local and national)  - - - [one hour of time to write a well-crafted pitch + one (1) autographed paperback copy for the anchor]
  • get on well-known podcasts, and - - - [one hour of time to write a well-crafted pitch + one (1) autographed paperback copy for the host]
  • get your book featured in national magazines. - - - [one hour of time to write a well-crafted pitch + one (1) autographed paperback copy for the editor]

The key to launching a super successful PR campaign is to see each individual element as a cogwheel, which pushes the others forward; thereby carrying the effect farther. If aligned correctly, even a little cogwheel can move a big one. 

1) Being seen on local TV won’t sell thousands of books, but it will earn you something  incredibly valuable (even if you mess up) – a screen print of you getting interviewed on TV.  You can post it on your website and on social media platforms. Being interviewed on TV is not really that difficult; after all, you know your topic inside and out. Local anchors will always help you to present yourself best; it is in their interest that they/their program looks great. If you do well, your local TV-station might make you their “to-go”-person for your field of expertise.

The more often you get featured on local TV, the better your chances are to get on national TV. Naturally, the  anchors of national TV programs prefer guests with on-air experience. Additionally, you can also add the words, “a frequent guest at XYZ-TV-station” to your resume, your marketing materials, and your author pages.

2) Trying to get interviewed on a well-known podcast follows the same principle as getting on TV – you have to pitch the podcast’s host.

3) And, even getting your book featured in a magazine follows the same principle. You have to pitch the editor of the magazine where you want your book to be featured.

Each one of these PR-methods will get you access to a different target group – the people, who like to watch their news on TV, the people who spend hours sifting through magazines, and the people who like to listen to new information in the car, during their morning commute.

If you launch an ad campaign at the same time, it too will support the other elements of your PR campaign, and multiply the effect. People who see your book featured at any outlet will check it out (and its ranking); the better the ranking is, the more people will buy.

Having coached many authors, I know that most authors do really well pitching either one of the different mass media outlets. Then, they stop and wait. It is the biggest mistake authors can make because: Success attracts success. 

The perfect way to promote your book is to combine all forms of PR, including ads/promotions.

When one of my books was featured in the SUCCESS magazine, I immediately contacted the host of a well-known podcast. Impressed, he booked me for the following week. I also sent the magazine to the TV-station where I had been a guest already twice; the anchor booked me for two segments, three weeks later. I also announced the podcast as well as my appearance on TV at my social media platforms thereby increasing the multiplication factor on that end. Lastly, I approached the Barnes and Noble bookstore, where I purchased my copy of the SUCCESS magazine that featured my book and they too booked me for a book signing during the week that they ’ll introduce “books relevant for success in 2016.”

When you combine appearances in any mass media outlet with ads/promotions, the effect each one of these promotions has doubles, triples, and even quadruples.

So, how do you pitch professionally?

Never talk about your book! Instead pitch a topic closely related to your book, something readers or viewers will be interested. This system also works for books in all fiction genres.

In about 100 days Valentine's Day is coming up.

If you write romance novels, you could pitch:

“7 gifts your spouse will appreciate more than chocolates and flowers...”
“How to create a beautiful and truly personal Valentine’s card yourself – in 10 minutes”
“Have a Valentine’s picnic! 5 truly romantic spots less than one hour of ... (your city/region) ...”

Or, whatever other great idea comes to mind. The local TV-anchors will appreciate you “doing the work for them” and in return introduce you and your book on TV. Since you are in charge preparing this pitch you can take as much time as you need to prepare something truly outstanding.

What if you write historic novels?

You could pitch:

“3 historic practices celebrating Valentine’s during the days of yore that you have never heard of...”

Wrote  cooking book?
“How to cook a delicious Valentine’s dinner in under one hour...”

Wrote a children’s book?
“How to celebrate Valentine’s with the kids; and still find time to be ’romantic’?”

Wrote a horror novel?
There is no Valentine's Day pitch - You should pitch around Halloween!

Pitching any media outlet is limited only by your imagination.  You yourself have seen many interesting  stories in magazines and on TV, including some which might have prompted you to think, “How’d they come up with that?” Well, maybe the editors, hosts or anchors didn’t, but a clever author did.

Gisela Hausmann is an mass media expert; her work has been featured on various TV-stations, in the SUCCESS magazine, on the reputable 'The Brutal Truth about Sales & Selling PodCast', dozens of radio talk shows, in dozens of newspapers, and more than one-hundred online publications.  

She is also the author of

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© 2016 by Gisela Hausmann

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