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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

How to evaluate a marketing promotion's value in 15 min. (or 5 action steps)

This blog comes from the author of

  • "Naked Words 2.0: The Effective 157-Word Email"
  • "Naked Truths About Getting Book Reviews"
  • "Naked News for Indie Authors: How NOT to Invest your Marketing $$$"

I write and publish only NAKED facts supported by illustrations. 

On July 7, 2015 at 9:49 a.m. I read the following email

"Dear Gisela Hausmann,
I just saw your book "Naked Determination: 41 Stories About Overcoming Fear". I would love to write a post about it and list it on my website
One more thing, if you are running a promotion for "Naked Determination: 41 Stories About Overcoming Fear" then you can use our service called - Book of the Day to promote "Naked Determination: 41 Stories About Overcoming Fear" to more than 400,000 readers across the globe.
Check it out here"

IMMEDIATELY, I was on high alert!

Since I was busy with the promotion of my other books, I had NOT promoted my book "Naked Determination" THIS ENTIRE YEAR!!! Yet, the author of this email claimed he "just saw" it. 

[Putting on my Sherlock Holmes cap.]

In my book "Naked Words 2.0 The Effective 157-Word Email" I advise to always research "eeeverything" about the recipient who you are going to send a marketing email. People,who don't, don't have the "latest scoop." 

If marketing emails don't address the latest developments, it is easy for the recipient to know that something isn't right. Everybody knows his own products. 

Of course, there is a possibility that this book promoter found my "Naked Determination" on an old "list." Maybe s/he scanned lists of award winning books and found my book, which won two awards. 

STEP 1: Click the link to this promoter's website. 

There are NO posts about books, only paid promotions. The home page is the same as the "Book of the Day" dated March 14 !!! To state this poetically - many moons have come and gone since then. 

The link to their facebook page is broken. 



9:51 (2 minutes later) Moving on to the book promoter's twitter page. 

93 people, who I know, are following this promoter... 

Hmm... Have they bought his/her services? I hope not. Things are NOT looking good.

The first tweet points to a $300 Amazon gift card, but it is from April 20.

Let's look at it. 

Error 404 - Not Found????

Why would the owner of that webpage not keep up the page; especially, if he gave away a $300 Giftcard?

(Quoting "Hamlet") "... Something is rotten in the state of Denmark..."

STEP 3: 

9:54 (5 minutes after beginning the analysis) 

Let's look at the other tweets

Not one retweet!

I scroll through the tweets. If in fact this promoter reaches 400,000 readers across the globe, they don't seem to take notice. Tweet 8, 19, 30, and 54 have either 1 RT and 1 FAV, or either one.

10:00 am (11 minutes after beginning my research)

Maybe twitter isn't where the "real" book promotion takes place. I know of at least half a dozen promoters, who may not look riveting on twitter but they have lively Facebook groups, where the main promotional activities take place. 

And, there is a FB link. Oops, AGAIN it did not work.


10:01 am (12 minutes after beginning my research)

Let's search on Facebook. 

Eureka - I found the book promoter's FB page! with 8,000+ "likes".

10:04 am (15 minutes after beginning my research) 

I had scrolled through postings for 3 minutes. There was nothing going on. 

Nobody "liked" any of the posting. There were no blogs, no discussions. and nobody had commented on any posting!

Even if buying this promotion would cost only $5.00 (which it doesn't, it costs a lot more) - it would probably be wasted money.

I did not screenprint the page. There was nothing going on. The promoter posted book covers with links to Amazon. I am not in the business of naming names, showing books, or revealing anybody's identity.

STEP 5: 

I delete the e-mail and write this blog, to help others save money. 


Gisela Hausmann is the multi-award winning author of "BOOK MARKETING: The Funnel Factor: Including 100 Media Pitches" and "NAKED TRUTHS About Getting Book Reviews."

Her work has been featured in the SUCCESS magazine, in Entrepreneur, on Bloomberg (podcast), on NBCNews, and in other fine publications.

Gisela is a mass media expert who graduated from the University of Vienna, which, founded in 1365, is the 22nd oldest university in the world. She also worked in the industry for six years.

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© 2015 by Gisela Hausmann

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  1. Every writer should read this blog! It would save a lot of people big bucks.

  2. Very interesting. And there are so many of these people out there just waiting for the hapless indie. Thank you, Gisela. You do a great job.