Thursday, October 31, 2013

In life, one can only be as smart as the information one receives...

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    2. THX, @Merlissa, I don't know of that I am inspiring but I believe I am a good observer, so observing, that I observe observers - LOL + Sending mail to the troops is important to me. Like most of us I enjoy getting cards (instead of bills). I can only imagine how much more I would appreciate getting a beautiful card if I was in a war zone.

  2. smart writing, Gisela,s this write up, gives a brief account of benefits of being an observer.. smartly written,

  3. Gisela, I am reading this at work, and it is my lunch break, finally - sometimes I don't always get a break. I guess this came to me to read at the best time, because I know so many people currently who are looking for jobs - folks with Bachelor's and Master's Degrees - looking for jobs - and cannot find anything. Such qualified folks who want to work and provide for their families. Thank you for sharing a topic that gets overlooked by so many people in this fast-paced, high tech age - who totally miss the "people at the gas stations" across the land; and most folks don't give these people the time of day, or a second thought. Thank you for making me think about this. At the end of the day, we all have to account for ourselves - and this inspires me to put more of an emphasis on thinking about the other guy - especially the homeless and our troops - victims of how our society operates and disguises that we live in the land of the free! You know why we are free - our troops! I'll definitely be checking out the Walgreens clerk when I pick up a box of Christmas cards - and I'll try to find those just like yours, with the snow and the red, knitted mittens! Every time I see snow and red, knitted mittens, I will think of you, for sure. I so get the way you think - thanks for sharing your blog! Angie P.

  4. @Angie @Pratap
    Thank you very much. Always trying to share my out-of-the-box-thoughts. Happy that you enjoy them :))

  5. Out-of-the-box writing makes it interesting and fun. Keep it coming!