Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Blogs are like Chewing Gum

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  1. Your article made me smile, and I certainly relate to your opinions. That said, as hard as it may be for those of us who live a good portion of our lives online to believe, there are plenty of people around who remain clueless about social media, or for that matter book marketing. I used to spend a fair amount of time in forums answering questions, but I got so tired of the same questions over and over I stopped. You see there's another reason people get excited about those really basic tips - what they are really looking for is someone to take them by the hand and lead them.

  2. @martyinmaui
    Thank you for responding.
    Totally agreeing with what you are saying but don't you think that offering incomplete advice will only send the reader on a wild and frustrating goose chase? Even if a reader never thought of networking via FB and twitter, that advice alone is not going to help him. It takes real networking skills to get your message out on two of the busiest web venues. Plus, I can't imagine anybody not having heard about twitter and facebook. In fact, because everybody is there already these venues don't help a "newbie" to find success.

  3. Interesting analogy.
    So, what do you think a 'newbie' should do? I'm not a newbie to writing, having two published books available on Amazon & Amazon Kindle, but I'm a relative newbie to social networking. I have a blog and I try to keep it fresh and flavoursome. What else do I need to do. I have a new novel coming out sometime soon and I'd love to find the best way to promote it.

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  5. Hi Christine, thx for asking. I like your blog - very positive. Too get more options you might look at as many social network sites as possible: tumbler (which I prefer to Pintrest), google+, Triberr, Reddit, pick about four to five, which suit you and have groups, which are interested in your your topic. Each of these venues has their own dynamics. Network on all four.If you go on Triberr I'll be happy to invite you into my Tribe.
    Also I believe you should start immediately to review other authors' book, which will increase the chance that they will review your book.

    LOL => http://nakeddetermination.blogspot.com/2013/07/do-you-believe-many-good-ebook-reviews.html on Blogs are like Chewing Gum

  6. It is simply to early :( => another typo ... LOL

    "To get more options" ...
    Haha - this comes from getting up and networking TOO early