Friday, August 16, 2013

Which visualization of Determination do you like best?

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A great picture should say more than 1000 words. Pondering over how to visualize Determination I eventually picked the view between the pilings of the Johnny Mercer Pier at Wrightsville Beach, NC. I felt that the pier’s structure could represent the frame works of our lives: partners, education, employments, credit lines, insurances, etc… (there were even unwanted particles of ‘issues’  growing on these anchors)

Using such pillars for support and protection we are trying to reach our goals.

However, our goals are not at the end of a tunnel. This frame work has gaps. Waves out of the big unknown called ‘life’ are trying to sideswipe us.

When trying to pick the "perfect picture" it became to me that there was no perfect choice. Your path can never be the same as mine nor your best friend’s. 
Some of us get bothered by never ending ripples of waves and some us have to face only one or two bigger ‘hurdle’ waves. Again others would be happy to know that only one enormous ‘hardship’ wave is in their way, and calm waters are waiting for those who get through. For some of us the path to our goals seems endless and others might get challenged by a barrage of waves right at the beginning of their roads in life.

Following are the visualizations, which spoke to me with more than 1000 words. I hope you will find yours. 

Inviting you to reply/post, which picture shows YOUR path:

1 - wave after wave keeps on building up 
2 - a seemingly endless path
3 -  really nasty breakers are in the way

4 - the path seems to get longer
5 - if it weren't for that one wave...
6 - this wave will sideswipe anybody
7 - rough beginnings
8 - this wave might feel like a tsunami
The wave I chose for my title is not photoshopped. 
It was taken on the day Hurricane Sandy bypassed to the East of Wrightsville Beach. The storm caused this interesting sunset with an almost ominous glow.    

Which one is YOUR wave?

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